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Youth Jazz Band to play at Cafe Beignet

July 28 2016 | Latest News

On August 4, 2016 the Denver Jazz Club Youth All-Stars will play live from 8am-11am at Cafe Beignet at Music Legends Park. The band of high school students was created in 2009 by retired public school music teacher, Dr. Ed Cannava.

The All-Stars represented the state of Colorado as the only youth band invited to perform at the 2010-2016 Sacramento Jazz Festivals. They've also performed at Colorados's Summit Jazz Festival, Evergreen Jazz Festival, and the Summit Swingin' Jazz Concerts. The band has even travelled internationally to perform in the 2011 Montreux Switzerland Jazz Festival, the Montreux Meets Brienz Jazz Festival, and a concert in Interlaken, Switzerland. 

From July 31-August 6, the All-Stars will be showcasing their musical skills with concerts around New Orleans, including Preservation Hall and the U.S. Mint. This talented group visited us back in 2012 and we are so excited to welcome them back! Come stop by to see them and while you're here, don't forget to try our delicious beignets! 


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