Beignets, Beignets, and more Beignets!

October 4 2016 | Latest News

On Saturday, October 8th, New Orleans will host their 133rd festival, the first Beignet Fest. The festival will be held from 10am-4pm downtown in Lafayette Square. 

Cafe Beignet is thrilled to be participating along with several other local vendors serving up different versions of beignets, the most iconic dessert in New Orleans. Proceeds from the festival will benefit the Tres Doux Foundation, a non-profit that funds programs serving children with autism and other development delays.

Live music and a competition for the best beignet will take place. There will be traditional beignets, beignet fries, oreo beignets, crawfish beignets, and many more! Cocktails and beer also served. Make sure you come hungry!


Beads for beignets at Cafe Beignet.

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